Zenon Network Liquidity Mining

Protocol level liquidity rewards for DeFi yield chasers

Currently, there are 1.8m QSR set aside for LPs that provide liquidity to the BSC smart contract for wZNN.

Note: wZNN is currently the only way to trade ZNN as a wrapped version on BSC which can be bridged to and from mainnet ZNN. The native S Y R I U S wallet has the bridge already built-in, it’s actually pretty sweet.

Anyway, until the 1.8m QSR have been distributed to LPs, the reward structure works as follows:

The base amount (apart from trading fees) LPs can earn is 1800 QSR. The reward is distributed to LPs according to their relative share of the liquidity in the BSC smart contract. The liquidity is provided with wZNN:wBNB at a 1:1 basis.

Every time a certain threshold of total wBNB provided by all LPs is achieved, a reward multiplier is unlocked. As a result, as soon as LPs in aggregate provide 1k, 2k, 3k, and up to 10k wBNB (and the corresponding amounts in wZNN), they can increase the daily QSR rewards paid out to them by a factor of 10x!

This steep reward increase should also compensate for the risk of impermanent loss resulting from a BNB or ZNN price increase.

What is QSR (Quasar)?

QSR is the second currency in Zenon’s dual-coin architecture and is used as collateral to run network infrastructure such as Pillars and Sentinels, and to increase your throughput of feeless transactions on the spam-resistant Zenon Network of Momentum (NoM). This is achieved by temporarily fusing it to Plasma. It’s a bit like gas, only that pesky miners don’t steal your money since you never have to actually spend it (whaaa…?).

When you use it, you fuse it, when you no longer need it, you unfuse and sell it. It’s quite revolutionary and solves the feeless transaction paradigm while effectively preventing network spam — a feat no other DLT has yet achieved. You can even fuse Plasma for your friends if they don’t have enough QSR!

Note: There is currently no DEX or CEX yet that offers trading of QSR. Although the zenon team doesn’t recommend it due to risks of getting scammed, some holders trade it OTC through the https://t.me/znnotc telegram channel via the channel owner as the trusted escrow. But seriously, be very, very careful of impersonators and scammers, or just hold on to your QSR until later this year when it’s going to be listed on a public secondary market (DEX/CEX).

What’s the value of QSR?

  • The indicative exchange rate between QSR and ZNN is 1:10 (see zenon.network).
  • There are currently roughly 30m QSR and 7.5m ZNN in circulation.
  • The value of QSR will accrue with increasing Pillar and Sentinel participation, as well as network usage as more participants will fuse it to maximize their tx throughput
  • Currently, a more complex transaction like smart contract interaction to collect a staking / delegation / sentinel reward requires 120 fused QSR to maximize throughput speed. This amount may increase with network growth.

“WAIT A MINUTE WHAT HAPPENS ONCE LPS HAVE FARMED THE 1.8M QSR?” — you, after getting hooked on the momentum, looking for another hit like Tyrone in a Washington Heights candy store.


To ensure long-term liquidity incentives for cross-chain DEX trading of ZNN and QSR, Zenon will introduce a protocol-level liquidity program.

In the spirit of multi-chain interoperability, LPs that provide liquidity on any future decentralized network Zenon will become interoperable with (starting with Bitcoin), are the 5th set of network participants that receive a part of the ZNN and QSR protocol emissions the Zenon Network produces as part of its inflation schedule.

The following graphic shows the emission distribution among the five types of participants: Pillars, Sentinels, Stakers, Delegators, and Liquidity Providers:

LPs thus receive 25% of all QSR and 13% of all ZNN that are emitted by the protocol as part of its emission schedule for Zenon NoM Phase 0 (until the end of 2022):

For more information on the emission structures during NoM phase 0 see

This protocol-level reward program for LPs has kicked off with the launch of Zenon Alphanet — the mainnet launch that took place at the end of 2021. All accrued potential rewards are currently held in a smart contract and waiting to be unlocked by LPs after they have used up 1.8m QSR in LP rewards for the BSC wZNN/wBNB liquidity pool!

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