The Zenon Deck

5 min readOct 7, 2022

Upon request of community members, I have built a professional slide deck that will allow us to efficiently share all key information about Zenon in a visually appealing way across the web and beyond:

Edit: I have added a PDF version to

The Deck Preview

What I offer to the Zenon Community

  1. A kick-ass slide deck anyone can easily share through a simple link (you can already check out an alpha version on The goal is to have a searchable, clickable, search engine optimized, high-resolution version on at least one community page. Once and mehowbrain’s tool are live, I’m hoping to also add it there so that everyone can create personalized links that tracks everyone’s reach and conversion. The resulting click-funnel analytics and leaderboard features will then be used to create (potentially AZ-funded) competitive incentives. Who can green-pill most new community members through The Deck? ;)
  2. My continued service as a professional slide creator. I will make sure The Deck stays up to date and accurately represents the key network and ecosystem features and updates. This ensures The Deck always stays professional and Ea-T, the fat alien, doesn’t add too much weight to it.
  3. I will incorporate change requests and content (ideas) submitted by community members into The Deck and ensure it keeps a coherent look and feel. On request, I can also create multiple versions that are tailored to different target audiences by adding or removing certain slides.
  4. Access to the source files so that the community can still use and continue working with The Deck in case I get eaten by this sketchy space dinosaur I used to ride back in the early days when my tailor still was a notorious drunk:

Why I think 5000 ZNN + 50000 QSR is fair money for value

  • You get an ongoing service from a pro that will help our community attract builders, investors, and partners.
  • I will do my best to quantify the impact The Deck has on community growth. If past results are any indication of future success: The Ape’s guide has 13.7k views and created 1800 hours of organic reading time. I expect The Deck to be a lot more impactful because it’s much more digestible.
  • I’m also throwing in the 60+ hours of work spent on a tailor-made, decentralized ZIP process that meets the governance needs of Zenon.Network (after the community funded a different AZ grant for 2500 ZNN + 25000 QSR and got more or less a copy of the BIP process that doesn’t really suit Zenon’s needs).


  • 3500 ZNN + 35000 QSR immediately
  • 1500 ZNN + 15000 QSR 6 months after payment of phase 1

This will give me the motivation to keep on pushing because it shows you value my work. And it will give the community the reassurance that I will honor my promises set out above.

Thank you for your trust, znnAliens, I am grateful for the purpose-driven passion I get from working with you.

Let’s make this big.

Your Shazz